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d2r Internet Holdings is an innovative internet company based in Syosset, NY.
One of our everyday frustrations lies in unfriendly, hard-to-understand products that are actually there to help us. we are all familiar with one of those ``made-for-genius`` apps in our phones that makes us want to get rid of it. This is also the case when it comes to searching the internet using the internet browsers out there, that can many times be unfriendly.


As we can't improve every challenging product out there, we can certainly influence some things that are close to our hearts and to our set of skills - Browsing the web.


So what are we doing? we are designing, developing and rolling out innovative browser extensions that helps users make the most out of their browsing experience. Our company is focused on quality & positive user experience, with emphasis on ease of use & quick setup.

"Everyday, bit by bit, we open minds & help others achieve better quality of living."

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